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International Journal of Science and Technology>> Volume 7, Number 9, September 2017

International Journal of Science and Technology

Vol. 2, No.8 August 2012

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Accepted Refereed Research Articles

Characterization of Vanadium and other Trace Elements from North-Western Nigeria using INAA and PIXE Abstract PDF
Bello Abdullahi 492-497
ICT usage in Kingdom of Bahrain: Today and the Future Trends Abstract PDF
Sarmad Mohammad, Abdurrahman Akhund Awadhi 498-506
Application of Brine Concentrations as a Reconnaissance Geochemical Tool for Hydrocarbon Exploration: Case Study of Field “X”, OML63, Coastal Swamp 1 Depobelt, Niger Delta Basin, Nigeria. Abstract PDF
Ahiarakwem, C.A, Opara, A.I 507-516
Analysis of Copper Cable Types Commonly used in Nigeria for Electrical Wiring and Power Distribution Abstract PDF
E. P. Ogherowo, B. J. Kwaha, O. V. Oyelade 517-523
A Comparative Study of the Effect of Variation of Resonant Frequency and Substrate Height on the Performance of a Designed Circular Microstrip Patch Antenna Abstract PDF
B. J. Kwaha, A. M. Batu 524-531
Net-Zero Energy Study for a Multi-Purpose Building Abstract PDF
Rohit Kadam, Emmanuel C. Nsofor and Brad Dillard 532-538
Renal and Hepatocellular Effects of Chronic Red Palm Oil Consumption Abstract PDF
Ekpo G. I., Johnson, J. T., Hemen, T. J., Odey, M. O., Luke, U.O., Eyo, R.A., Ambo, E.E. 539-542
Multi-Antibiotic Resistance of Some Gram Negative Bacterial Isolates from Poultry Litters of Selected Farms in Benue State Abstract PDF
Hemen , J.T., Johnson, J.T., Ambo, E.E., Ekam, V.S, Odey, M.O., Fila, W.A. 543-547
Comparative Evaluation of Ethno-Medicinal Use of two Species of Eucalyptus Plant as an Antimicrobial Agent Abstract PDF
Gero Mohammed, Abe Ayotunde S, Inuwa Bashir, Babakura M. Aji, Sule Aliyu M,.Mohammed Hauwa 548-550
Implementing a Model of Virtual Collaborative Planning System Abstract PDF
Oladipo, Onaolapo Francisca, Onyesolu, Moses Okechukwu, Amadi, Chinonye Faith 551-555
Students’ Preferences on Science Subjects: Does this Affect their Performance? A Case of Udzungwa Secondary School, Kilolo, Iringa, Tanzania Abstract PDF
Siwel Y. Nyamba, Kizito K. Mwajombe 556-560
Aluminium Anode Activation Research – A Review Abstract PDF
Idusuyi, N, Oluwole .O.O 561-566
Current Trends and Future Development in Casing Drilling Abstract PDF
Abubakar Mohammed, Chika Judith Okeke, Ikebudu Abolle-Okoyeagu 567-582
Analysis of Savannah and Rainforest Soils of Nigeria using Thermal Neutron Activation Analysis Technique Abstract PDF
M.O.A. Oladipo , R.L. Njinga, S.S. Achi, P.O. Ogunleye, B. Alfa , A.A Ibrahim 583-589
Modeling and Simulation of Hyperthermia as Cancer Treatment Abstract PDF
R. O. Olayiwola , Olabiyisi, S. O. , O. A. Odebiyi , A. Ndanusa and R. M. Momoh 590-595
The Use of Electrical Resistivity Technique to Delineate Gold Deposit site in Minna, Niger State, Nigeria Abstract PDF
Bello Abdullahi 596-599
The Potential of Nigerian Medicinal Plants as Antimalarial Agent: A Review Abstract PDF
H. A. Ibrahim, I. A. Imam, A. M. Bello, U. Umara, S. Muhammad, S.A Abdullahi 600-605
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