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International Journal of Science and Technology

Vol. 3, No.1 January 2013

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Accepted Refereed Research Articles

Fuel Wood Consumption and Desertification in Nigeria Abstract PDF
Audu, E.B. 1-5
Gas Flaring: A Catalyst to Global Warming in Nigeria Abstract PDF
Audu, E.B. 6-10
The Application of Longitudinal Clustering Analysis in Futures Investment Abstract PDF
XingYu , Junhua Jia, TaoTang, Zhenyan Li 11-13
Adaption of M-Learning as a Tool in Blended Learning- A Case Study in AOU Bahrain Abstract PDF
Sarmad Mohammad, Minimol Anil Job 14-20
Modeling of Swivel Joint in two Dimensional Beams Framework Abstract PDF
G. E. Ntamack, M. Dawoua Kaoutoing, T. Beda, S. Charif D’Ouazzane 21-25
Sedimentological and Depositional Enviroment of the Mid-Maastritchtian Ajali Sandstone, Anambra Basin, Southern Nigeria Abstract PDF
Odumoso, S.E . Oloto, I.N . Omoboriowo, A.O 26-33
Phytochemical Screening and in Vivo Antitrypanosomal Activity of Methanol Extracts of Peristrophe Bicalyculata in Mice Infected With Trypanosoma Evansi Abstract PDF
Awulu, E. A., Oniye S. J., Adelanwa M. A. 34-39
Investigation of Selected Trace and Heavy Metals in two Tropical Fish Species from the Coastal Waters of Ghana Abstract PDF
Elvis Nyarko, Bennet Atsu K. Foli, Daniel G. Achel, Benjamin Osei Botwe, Theodosia Adom, Joseph Richmond Fianko, Shiloh Dede Osae 40-47
Attaining Energy Efficiency through Management of Residential Demand -An Empirical Study of Jaipur City Abstract PDF
Oum Kumari. R, Dipti.S 48-52
Spectroscopic Study of Electron Density and Electron Temperature for Supernova 2010jl Abstract PDF
Zeyad A. Saleh, Adil N. Ayyash 53-59
Evaluation of Structural Shielding Designs of X-Ray Linear Accelerator Scanner at the Port of Tema, Ghana Abstract PDF
K. Ofori, E.O Darko, G.Emi-Reynolds 60-67
Saponins from the Leaves of Cassia occidentalis (Caesalpiniaceae) Abstract PDF
M. Mohammed, M. M. Adeyemi, M. A. Aboki and S. H. Musa 68-73
Least Squares Support Vector Regression for Spirometric Forced Expiratory Volume (FEV1) Values Abstract PDF
G. Meena Devi, P.Venkatesan 74-78
A Study on the Effect the addition of thermally treated Libyan Natural Pozzolan has on the Mechanical Properties of Ordinary Portland Cement Mortar Abstract PDF
Mohamed -A-Aboubakar, Eshmaiel Ganjian, Homayoon Pouya, A. Akashi 79-84
Effect of Aqueous Extract of Moringa Oleifera on Serum Protein of Trypanosoma Brucei- Infected Rats Abstract PDF
Edoga C. O., Njoku O. O., Amadi E. N., Afomezie P. I. 85-87
Blood Sugar Lowering Effect of Moringa Oleifera Lam in Albino Rats Abstract PDF
Edoga C. O., Njoku O. O., Amadi E. N., Okeke J. J. 88-90
Sonic Auscultation and Mechanical Characterization of Metallic & Synthetic Fiber-Reinforced Self-Compacting Concrete Abstract PDF
M.Benaicha, O.Jalbaud, A.Alaoui Hafidi, Y.Burtschell 91-100
Spectrophotometric Determination of Fe (III), Fe( II) and S2O4-2 Ions in Aqueous Solutions by using Tetra Sodium Meso – Tetra (P-Sulfophenyl ) Porphine as a Ligand Abstract PDF
Jihad A. Taies , Noor Mohammed 101-107
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