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International Journal of Science and Technology

Vol. 3, No.3 March 2013

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Accepted Refereed Research Articles

An Iterative Method for the Determination of Temperature Distribution in Patients Undergoing Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Examinations Abstract PDF
Theresa B. Dery, Emmanuel O. Darko, Joseph K. Amoako and Augustine K. Kyere 156-159
Planktic Foraminiferal Biozonation and Correlation of XY-1 Field, Offshore Western Niger Delta, Nigeria Abstract PDF
S. O. Obaje and E. A. Okosun 160-166
Functional Fitting of Monte Carlo Output Parameters for the Nucletron Pulsed Dose Rate Brachytherapy Source Abstract PDF
M. Pokoo – Aikins, A. Kyere, F. Hasford, M. Boadu, G.F. Acquah and E. K. Sosu 167-176
An Unsteady Forced and Free Convection Flow Past an Infinite Permeable Vertical Plate Abstract PDF
S.Daniel , Y.Tella ,U. Sani 177-183
Optimal Analysis of Contaminant Invasion in an Unconfined Aquifer System Abstract PDF
K. R. Adeboye, M. D. Shehu, A. Ndanusa 184-187
Knowledge and Utilization of Antenatal Care Services by Women of Child Bearing Age in Ilorin-East Local Government Area, North Central Nigeria. Abstract PDF
Adewoye KR, Musa IO, Atoyebi OA , Babatunde OA 188-193
Clinical Waste Management: A Review on Important Factors in Clinical Waste Generation Rate Abstract PDF
Rahele Tabasi, Govindan Marthandan 194-200
Spectrophotometric Determination of Trace Amounts of Fe(III),Mn(III) and Co(III) Ions by using Tetra(4-BromoPhenyl) Porphyrin as a Ligand in DMF Solvent Abstract PDF
Jihad A. Taies, Nisreen A-Jassam 201-208
Spectrophotometric Study of Fe(III),Cd(II) and Pb(II)Complexes with 5,10,15,20-Tetra(p-Hydroxyphenyl)Porphyrin. Abstract PDF
Jihad A. Taies, Noor Mohammed 209-215
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