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International Journal of Science and Technology

Vol. 2, No.5 May 2012

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Accepted Refereed Research Articles

Kinetics and Mechanism of Substitution Reaction of Trans-Dichloro-bis-(Ethylenediammine) Cobalt (III) Chloride with Cysteine, Aspartic acid and Phenylalanine Abstract PDF
K. Asemave, S.G. Yiase, S. O. Adejo 242-247
Impact Assessment of Human Activities and Seasonal Variation on River Benue, within Makurdi Metropolis. Abstract PDF
B.A. Anhwange, E. B. Agbaji, E.C Gimba 248-254
A Survey of Statistical Tools in the Field of Economics and other Fields Abstract PDF
O.Y. Halid 255-258
Iridoid and Caffeic Glycoside Ester from the Leaf And Stem of Stachytarpheta Angustifolia (Mill) Vahl Verbenaceae Abstract PDF
M. Mohammed A.K Haruna, M. Ilyas, U. U. Pateh 259-264
Digital Elevation Model Generation and Retrieval of Terrain Attributes using CARTOSAT-1 Stereo Data Abstract PDF
Samadrita Mukherjee, Anirban Mukhopadhyay, Ashutosh Brardwaj Arun Mondal Sananda Kundu, and Sugata Hazra 265-271
Wavelet Analysis for Processing of Earthquake Records Abstract PDF
D.B. Pawar, R.S. Kawitkar, M. Selva Balan 272-275
The Effect of Film Thickness and Sintering Temperature on the Electrical Performance of Carbon Electrode Abstract PDF
Ozuomba J. O , Okoli L. U, Ekpunobi A. J 276-280
The Utilization of Cadmium as Thermal Neutron Filter in the Characterization of Gold Matrix in NIRR-1 Abstract PDF
Bello Abdullahi and M.T. Tsepav 281-285
Asymptotic Solution of Partial Differential Equations Depending on a Small Parameter Abstract PDF
Hayder Jabber Abood, Ali Abbas Jabir 286-293
Solution: The Periodic Ordinary Differential Equation of Order with Direction Functions Abstract PDF
Hayder Jabber Abood, Rusul Mhammed Hussien 294-300
Physical, Chemical and Bacterial Analyses of Groundwater in Ikere Township, Southwestern Nigeria Abstract PDF
Aturamu, Adeyinka Oluyemi 301-308
Satellite Remote Sensing Technology in Spatial Modeling Process: Technique and Procedures Abstract PDF
Chijioke G. EZE 309-315
A Parametric and Non-Parametric Approach for Testing Random Walk Behavior and Efficiency of Pakistani Stock Market Abstract PDF
Faisal M. Zahid, Shahla Ramzan, Shumila Ramzan 316-322
Biodiesel as an Alternative Energy Resource in Southwest Nigeria Abstract PDF
Idusuyi, N, Ajide. O.O., Abu, R. 323-327
Application of New Homotopy Analysis Method for First and Second Orders Integro- Differential Equations Abstract PDF
O. A. TAIWO, A .O ADEWUMI, R . A. RAJI 328-332
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