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International Journal of Science and Technology

Vol. 1, No.5 November 2011

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Accepted Refereed Research Articles

Monte Carlo method; Ambient dose equivalent; Buildup factors; MCNP5 code; Radiation shielding Abstract PDF
P. Deatanyah, C.C. Arwui, S. Wotorchi- Gordon, H. Lawluvi, D. O. Kpeglo, J. Ankaah, G. Emi-Reynolds, E. O Darko 148-152
Investigation of the Solution of a Fredholm Integral Equation of First Kind with un-symmetric Kernel by Using Fourier Series Abstract PDF
Farhad Bulbul, M.R. Islam 179-182
Study of Some Mechanical Properties of PVA/TiO Composite by Ultrasonic Technique Abstract PDF
Burak Yahya Kadem 183-188
Morbidity Status and Health Care Choice among the Households in Urban Coimbatore Abstract PDF
V.L.Lavanya 189-195
Dose profile modeling of the Gamma Irradiation Facility at Biotechnology and Nuclear Agriculture Research Institute of Ghana using MCNP5 Abstract PDF
S.Wotorchi-Gordon, C.C. Arwui, P. Deatanyah, D. O. Kpeglo, H. Lawluvi, J.Ankaah, G. Emi-Reynolds, E. O. Darko 196-199
A Study on the Health Problems of Women Working in a Textile Unit in Coimbatore Abstract PDF
Sherly Thomas 200-203
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