International Journal of Science and Technology

International Journal of Science and Technology>> Volume 6, Number 9, September 2016

International Journal of Science and Technology

Vol. 6, No.9 September 2016

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Accepted Refereed Research Articles

The Unintended Consequences of the use of Mobile Phone Technology on College Students Abstract PDF
Abraham Matheka Mutua, Nooseli Moses Lemayian
Effect of Cowpea Residue Nitrogen on Maize Growth and Yield in the Semi-Deciduous Region of Ghana Abstract PDF
Fataah, J., J. Sarkodie-Addo
Assessment of Some Physicochemical Properties and Levels of Some Heavy Metals in Soil Abstract PDF
Saidu Usman., Umar, A.A.,Yakubu, S. I.
Participatory Action Research an Outreach Strategy for Universities: Lessons from Tomato Value Chain Project at Sokoine University of Agriculture -Tanzania Abstract PDF
Chija, B.B. S.Y. Nyamba , Z.S.K., Mvena, R. Martin,, I.M. Busindeli, F.T.M. Kilima, C.P. Msuya-Bengesi, M.R.S. Mlozi, B.B. V.J. Kalungwizi, S.M. Gjotterud, E. Kiranga
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