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International Journal of Science and Technology>> Volume 7, Number 9, September 2017

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Geological Interpretations Inferred From Airborne Magnetic and Landsat Data: Case Study of Nkalagu Area, Southeastern Nigeria

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On Pages 178-191
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 3
Issue Date April, 2012
Publishing Date April, 2012
Keywords Structural Interpretation, Aeromagnetic, Landsat, Nigeria, Lineaments, Basement depths.


Structural interpretation of Nkalagu area using aeromagnetic and Landsat imagery was carried out to determine the depth to the magnetic basement, delineate the basement morphology and relief, delineate the structural features associated with the basin and to infer the effects of such structures on the general tectonic history of the study area. Similarly, this study is aimed at determining whether the Okposi Brine Lake in the study area is structurally controlled. The aeromagnetic and Landsat data were subjected to various image and data enhancement and transformation routines. Results of the study revealed lineaments with trend directions in the N-S, NE-SW, NW-SE and E-W directions, with the NE-SW trends been dominant. The presence of a lineament zone around Okposi is believed to be responsible for the formation of the Okposi brine lake. It is believed that this linear feature must have cut through the basinal brine of the Asu River group. Results of the 2-D spectral analysis revealed a two layer depth model. The shallower magnetic source (d1) has an average depth of 1.041km while the deeper magnetic source bodies (d2) have an average depth of 3.574km.The shallower magnetic anomalies is as a result basement rocks which intruded into the sedimentary rocks while the deeper magnetic anomalies is associated with intra-basement discontinuities like faults. Finally, the average sedimentary thickness of 3.574km estimated in the study area is favourable for hydrocarbon generation.

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