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A Study of the Strength Activity Index of Libyan Kaolin Treated by a Thermal Method

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Author Mohamed -A-Aboubakar, Eshmaiel Ganjian, Homayoon Pouya, A-M- Akash
On Pages 251-257
Volume No. 3
Issue No. 6
Issue Date April, 2013
Publishing Date April, 2013
Keywords The strength activity index , Natural Pozzolan , kaolin


The strength activity index of mortar and pastes containing treated Natural Pozzolan (NP) as Libyan kaolin have been investigated. NP obtained from south Libya was treated by a thermal method via sieving, grinding by ball mill and calcined by heating at 800C for 120 minutes in order to improve the pozzolanic reactivity of the NP. The pozzolanic reactivity of the treated NP was evaluated by conducting strength development tests according to ASTM C311. The hydration products of hardened pastes produced raw materials; these were analysed by x-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Particle size analysis was also done before and after in order to measure the influence of the treated NP. To measure this appropriately, NP replaced cement. Five different types of NP were obtained from different places of South Libya and tested. This study will measure the strength activity index; the starting ratio for this is 20 % NP. The result showed that after 28 days, the strength activity index of the treated NP with ordinary Portland cement exhibited very good performance and was higher than 100%. At 28 days, the strength activity index of the Sebha sample increased to 109. The strength activity index also showed an increase after 28 days for all samples of (Libyan kaolin) ; This shows that as the amount of treated NP increased ,that mean there was a reduction in the Ca (OH)2 content.

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