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A Comparative Study of the Effect of Variation of Resonant Frequency and Substrate Height on the Performance of a Designed Circular Microstrip Patch Antenna

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Author B. J. Kwaha, +A. M. Batu
On Pages 524-531
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 8
Issue Date August, 2012
Publishing Date August, 2012
Keywords Effect of Resonant Frequency, Height on Microstrip Patch Antenna


This research compares the effects, on performance, of changing resonant frequency and height of substrates in the design and implementation of a circular microstrip patch antennas adaptable to microwave frequencies. Computations and simulations using a program developed in FORTRAN were done based on the cavity model. Alongside these, other parameters viz actual and effective patch radii, conductance, directivity, input resistance and quality factor, which dictate the ultimate performance of the antenna were also determined. It was observed that patch radius decreases as the required resonant frequency increases (0.2374cm at 10.0GHz and 0.05079 cm at 45.0GHz for GaAs). Directivity was seen to increase with resonant frequency, but at the expense of increase in conduction and dielectric losses. Radiation losses were observed to have reduced with increase in resonant frequency, which translates to the slight increase in the radiation conductance. Also, as the substrate height increases, the physical patch radius decreased, but the effective radius increases. This increase in effective radius implies that there is an increased fringing (radiation). It was also deduced that directivity increases with increase in substrate height, but at the expense of loading effect. A lower radiation conductance loss was observed at higher substrate height, but at the expense of increasing losses due to surface wave. The results obtained in this design compare favorably with results obtained from manual computation of the same parameters and these agree with other designs such as the rectangular patch.

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