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Radio over Fiber Communication Systems over Multimode Polymer Optical Fibers for Short Transmission Distances under Modulation Technique

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Author Abd El–Naser A. Mohamed, Ahmed Nabih Zaki Rashed, Mohammed S. F. Tabour, Sakr A. S. Hanafy
On Pages 60-68
Volume No. 1
Issue No. 2
Issue Date August 01, 2011
Publishing Date August 01, 2011
Keywords ROF, Polymer wired transmission, Short distances, Multimode fibers,Optical signal to noise ratio.


Radio over Fiber (ROF) technology was being explored and used because of its advantages. Radio over fiber means the optical signal is being modulated at radio frequencies and transmitted via the optical fiber. By using this technology, we can transport the radio frequency (RF) signal over few kilometers with minimal loss. ROF link is a promising technology for short range transmission applications within multimode polymer optical fibers. Typically, the radio over fiber link employs a single mode fiber. But the signal power at the remote antenna is very small. The main reason is large power loss in the electrical to optical and optical to electrical converter. But the coupling efficiency of a electrical to optical converter can be improved with multimode fiber (MMF). so we have developed to use a ROF link with a vertical cavity surface emitting laser with a graded index MMF polymer optical fibers to transport optical signals. As well as we have developed ROF communication system within multimode polymer optical fibers for short transmission distances in coarse wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM) technique using pulse code modulation schemes. 

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