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Diurnal and Seasonal Variations in Surface Ozone Levels at Tropical Semi- Urban site ,Nagercoil , India, and Relationships with Meteorological Conditions

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Author K.Elampari, T.Chithambarathanu
On Pages 80-88
Volume No. 1
Issue No. 2
Issue Date August 01, 2011
Publishing Date August 01, 2011
Keywords Surface Ozone, Air Pollution, GSS, Diurnal variations, Meteorological parameters.


Surface ozone measurements at the southernmost tropical semi-urban site Nagercoil (8o11 N, 77o29 E, 25m), India has been studied for the first time for the period from 2007 to 2010. A Gas Sensitive Semiconductor (GSS) sensor based ozone monitor is used for measurement. The measurement showed that the ozone concentration is a function of time and it varies from morning minimum to afternoon maximum. Temperature shows a good positive correlation whereas relative humidity shows a negative correlation with ozone. The correlation between wind speed and ozone is found to be insignificant at the measuring site. Results of this study have revealed that the annual mean of daily average surface ozone concentration varies from 18.91 ppb to 20.08 ppb. The highest average seasonal concentration was observed in summer and lowest in north east monsoon. 

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