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International Journal of Science and Technology>> Volume 7, Number 9, September 2017

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A Volumetric and Viscosity Study for the Binary Mixtures of Dimethylsulfoxide with Benzene, Ethyl benzene, Chlorobenzene and Bromobenzene at Temperatures of (303.15, 308.15 and 313.15) K and a Pressure of 0.1MPa

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Author S. Parthasarathi, K.Saravanakuamr, R.Baskaran ,T.R. Kubendran
On Pages 96-101
Volume No. 1
Issue No. 2
Issue Date August 01, 2011
Publishing Date August 01, 2011
Keywords Viscosity; Density; Molecular Interactions; Deviations; Binary Mixture


Viscosities and densities of binary mixtures of dimethylsulfoxide with benzene, ethylbenzene, chlorobenzene and bromobenzene have been measured as a function of mole fraction at atmospheric pressure and at different temperatures of (303.15, 308.15, and 313.15) K. Using the experimental data, excess volumes (VE) and deviations in viscosity (??) have been calculated. McAllister's three-body-interaction model, Krishnan and Laddha model and Jouyban Acree model were used to correlate the kinematic viscosity of the systems. The excess volume data was fitted by means of the Redlich-Kister equation. It was found that in all cases the experimental data obtained fitted with the values correlated by the corresponding model very well. 

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