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International Journal of Science and Technology>> Volume 7, Number 9, September 2017

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Assessment of the Effectiveness of Lake Chad Research Institute “Adopted Villages Scheme” in the Dissemination of Improved Farm Technologies in Borno State, Nigeria

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Author Mustapha, S. B; Gwary, M.M; Nuhu, H.S, P.A. Samaila
On Pages 837-842
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 12
Issue Date December, 2012
Publishing Date December, 2012
Keywords Adopted villages, Assessment, Borno State, Effectiveness, Farm technologies.


This study assessed the effectiveness of “Adopted Villages Scheme” as an approach to improved technology dissemination among beneficiaries in Borno State, Nigeria. Structured interview schedules were used to obtain information from all the thirty (30) participants in Dalori and Dusuman adopted villages of Lake Chad Research Institute (LCRI) Maiduguri. The data collected were analyzed using descriptive (frequencies percentages and mean scores) and inferential statistics (chi-square analysis). The results showed that there was high awareness (more than 80%) of improved technologies by respondents. Findings also revealed that most (70%) of the respondents became aware of improved farm technologies on monthly basis. The level of participation of respondents in trial of improved technologies being disseminated was high in both the high yielding ( =2.836) and early maturing ( =2.60) millet varieties. Result and method demonstration was the most effective ( =2.93) technique used in disseminating improved farm technologies to the respondents. The result equally indicated that result/method demonstration and farmer field school were statistically significant; X2 calculated (9.800) and (6.812) > P- value (5.991) and (5.991) respectively in effectiveness of dissemination of improved farm technologies in the study area. Lack of finance ( =2.96) was the major problem affecting the effectiveness of the scheme. It was recommended that loan disbursement under the scheme and basic inputs such as fertilizer, chemicals and implements, be made adequate at the right and at subsidized rates to the beneficiaries.

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