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An Analytical View of Temperature in Lokoja, Kogi State, Nigeria

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Author Audu, E.B.
On Pages 856-859
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 12
Issue Date December, 2012
Publishing Date December, 2012
Keywords Temperature, temperature range, global warming, carbon and climate change.


Temperature is one of the climatic variables mostly affected by global warming, climate variability and climate change. This study examines the attributes of temperature in Lokoja. The data used are monthly and annual temperatures of 1971 2010 (40 years) obtained from the Nigerian Meteorological Society, Oshodi, Lagos, Nigeria. Results are presented in tables and analyzed using simple statistical measures such as minimum, maximum, range, mean, median, variance, standard deviation and coefficient of variance. The results show that the minimum annual temperature was recorded in 1975 ( 27.2oc), maximum was recorded in 2001 ( 29oc), range is 1.8oc, mean is 28.03oc, median is 28oc, variance is 0.15, standard deviation is 0.39; while the coefficient of variance is 1.39%. It is further stated that with these values, monthly and annual temperatures are still tolerable in the study area despite the observed temperature increase of 0.34oc between 1971 2010 (40 years) which is an indication of global warming. Measures to combat global warming, climate variation and climate change are suggested such as tree planting and proper town planning among others.

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