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Petrographical Study of Tourmalinated Tin Bearing Muscovite Pegmatite of Ijero Ekiti Southwestern, Nigeria

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Author(s) Borisade, E. A., Isife, F. A., Ayodele C. O.
On Pages 378-383
Volume No. 3
Issue No. 12
Issue Date December, 2013
Publishing Date December, 2013
Keywords Tourmalinated, Petrography, Pegmatitic Cross polar, Plane polar


The pegmatite in Ijero is essentially a quartz alkali feldspar muscovite biotitic body with primary cassiterite, beryl and tourmaline in subordinate proportions. Six rock samples of the tourmalinated host pegmatite rocks were collected from the three major quarries in Ijero Ekiti. Two rock samples were taken from Oke Asa quarry, three from Oke Kusa quarry and one from Reserve quarry (Plates 1 6). The labeled samples were reduced to thin section at an average thickness of 0 03rnm This has made it possible to analyze the mineral content of the pegmatitic host rock petrographically. The petrographic analysis revealed that the tourmalinated host rock must be magmatic in origin. It is also volcanic since fragmentation was observed under the microscope. Presence of Cordierite is also an indication that the parent pegmatitic fluid must have been under high pressure. The fractionation of this parent host rock from basanitic alkali basalt towards phonolite is further confirmed through the presence of nosean in the slides.

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