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International Journal of Science and Technology>> Volume 7, Number 9, September 2017

International Journal of Science and Technology

Stream Sediment Geochemical Survey of Ara, Epe and Ijero Area, South Western Nigeria

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Author Olusiji Samuel Ayodele
On Pages 269-274
Volume No. 1
Issue No. 6
Issue Date December 01, 2011
Publishing Date December 01, 2011
Keywords Ara, Epe, Ijero, Stream sediments, Geochemistry, Statistics


Ara, Epe and Ijero Ekiti lies within the migmatite-gneiss-quartzite complex of the basement complex of Southwestern Nigeria, between latitudes 7 0 45 to 70 55 to longitudes 50 00 to 50 10. Thirteen stream sediment samples were collected at the confluence points of two or more rivers mostly at a depth of 20-25cm, while seven (7) representative samples were systematically picked and analyzed for major, trace and rare earth elements concentration using ICP-MS analytical method. The results of the geochemical analysis were thereafter subjected to multivariate statistical analysis. The statistical plot shows that most elements have their peak in the northwestern part of the study area (Ijero). The conclusion drawn from the integration of the geochemical and multivariate analyses revealed that the study area is mineralized in phosphate minerals, probably monazite, turquoise, or apatite; ferruginous minerals which could be hematite and manganese-bearing minerals such as manganite or mica rich manganese. These mineralizations are hosted by the pegmatites that intrude the country rocks in the northwestern part of the study area.

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