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Potential of the Dark as a Factor affecting Seed Germination

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Author Washa B. Washa
On Pages 28-36
Volume No. 5
Issue No. 2
Issue Date February 01, 2015
Publishing Date February 01, 2015
Keywords Seed germination, seed anatomy, imbibitions, dark and light condition.


An investigation was conducted between 1st February 2014 to 30th April 2014 in the Life science laboratories of Mkwawa University College of Education to justify the status of the dark of being a factor affecting seed germination. This investigation was important because a condition qualifies to be a factor affecting germination if have a potential ability to influence germination where as dark condition as many other findings in seed germination indicated. A split-split plot experimental design was employed where by germination condition (Dark and light) was regarded as a main plot, treatment of the medium by detergent (0%, 1% and 10%) was regarded as a sub plot while number of days (1-5) was regarded as sub-sub plot. A total of 600 seeds were used in the whole experiment. Number of seed germinated per condition, per treatment and per number of days was recorded and data were subjected to appropriate statistical analysis to get inferences. About 50% of seeds did not germinate, these comes from 1% and 10% from both type of seeds suggesting that detergent concentration hindered germination significantly. Seed germination was found to be significantly higher in the dark condition than in light condition at P < 0.05 (P = 0.0028, t = 6.532, DF = 4). Mean + SEM (Light = 1 0.441, Dark = 2.6 0.400) for the bean seeds. Results as conformed to other findings in seed germination suggest recommending dark as a factor affecting seed germination than it has been simplified.

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