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Comparison of Microscopic Examination and Rapid Diagnostic Tests Used To Diagnose Malaria among Pregnant Women in Kano, North –Western, Nigeria.

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Author Mohammed, Y, Dabo, N. T, Kawo, A. H, Yakubu, A.I
On Pages 47-52
Volume No. 5
Issue No. 2
Issue Date February 01, 2015
Publishing Date February 01, 2015
Keywords Rapid Diagnostic Test, Blood Films Examination, Malaria Diagnosis, Pregnant Women


Background and Objectives: A study was carried out to compare the two methods of rapid diagnostic test (RDTs) and blood films examination in the diagnosis of malaria among pregnant women in Kano, Nigeria. Materials and Methods: A total of 300 pregnant women with clinical suspicion of malaria attending antenatal clinic (ANC) who gave informed consent were recruited to participate in the study. Blood sample were collected aseptically and dispensed into an EDTA container where RDTs and microscopic examination were performed to assess the presence of malaria parasites. Results from the rapid diagnostic kits were analyzed and compared to those obtained by general microscopy. Results: Results show that of the 300 samples enrolled 116 (38.7%) were found to be positive with blood films examination while in rapid diagnostic test 103 (34.3%) pregnant women were positive. Based on frequency of infection by age 21-25 years had 50 (43.1%) as the most vulnerable group, followed by 15-20 year with 34 (11.3%) 26-30 had 15 (5%) while age group of 31-35 had 12 (4.0%). Age group 36-40 had 10 (3.3%) and lastly the age group of 41-45 had least value of 2 (0.67%). Conclusion: The study, therefore, highlights the importance of both methods in diagnosis of malaria and it could be concluded that there was no significant difference between rapid diagnostic test and stained blood film malaria microscopy. Thus, the two malaria diagnostic tests could be routinely carried out to confirm and check each other.

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