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Mathematical Competence and Performance in Geometry of High School Students

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Author Charina C. Gloria
On Pages 53-69
Volume No. 5
Issue No. 2
Issue Date February 01, 2015
Publishing Date February 01, 2015
Keywords Mathematical Competence, Mathematical Concepts, Problem Skills, Performance


The primary objective of the study was to determine the mathematical competence and performance in Geometry of high school students. More specifically, the study ascertained if selected variables like gender, third year grade in English, learning styles, class size and classroom structure significantly affect the high school students’ performance in Geometry and their mathematical competence in terms of mathematics concepts and problem solving skills. Respondents of the study were the 212 high school students who were taken at random from the three national high schools. The data were analyzed using SPSS Program. Results of the study revealed the following: The classrooms of Geometry classes were “highly structured”. The high school students in Mambusao taking Geometry have varied learning styles. They had low level of mathematical competence and low academic performance in the said subject. Students who have high preference in reading/writing and are tactile/kinesthetic learners perform significantly higher. The learning styles of high school students, class size, classroom structure, and level of mathematical competence significantly affect their performance in geometry. While, grade in English, learning styles of the high school students and class size significantly affect their level of mathematical competence.

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