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International Journal of Science and Technology>> Volume 7, Number 9, September 2017

International Journal of Science and Technology

Fitting and Benchmarking of Monte Carlo Output Parameters for 192Ir High Dose Rate Brachytherapy “New or v2” Source

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Author G.F. Acquah, E.K. Nani, E.K.T. Addison, S.N. Tagoe, P.O. Kyeremeh, E.K. Sosu, F. Hasford
On Pages 74-79
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 2
Issue Date February 01, 2012
Publishing Date February 01, 2012
Keywords Brachytherapy, dosimetry, functional fit, hybridize new function, MatLab application software, treatment planning systems.


A robust model to directly represent output from contemporary brachytherapy calculation had been proposed and developed to make clinical implementation practicable. The model was used to minimize inherent uncertainties associated with the AAMP TG-43 formalism, with consolidation of the TG-43 parameters into new parameter to speed up computational time. Analytical computations were performed to hybridize the anisotropy function, and radial dose function, into a single new function for a Nucletron microSelectron High Dose Rate “new or v2” (mHDRv2) 192Ir brachytherapy source. Outputs obtained with the new function were curve fitted with MatLab and compared to those of Monte Carlo serving as the standard to evaluate the average and maximum uncertainties. Dose rate deviations between the Monte Carlo data and MatLab fits, quantified as errors showed minimal deviations less than 0.3%. In comparison with Lliso’s study, this work shows marginal improvement in the deviated values. This work has shown much promise in building robust models to represent outputs from contemporary brachytherapy dosimetry calculations.

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