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Gas Flaring: A Catalyst to Global Warming in Nigeria

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Author Audu, E.B.
On Pages 6-10
Volume No. 3
Issue No. 1
Issue Date January, 2013
Publishing Date January, 2013
Keywords Carbon, gas flaring, greenhouse gases, temperature and global warming.


The concept of global warming has gone beyond a myth to a reality as man is now face – to – face with the adverse effects of his “intelligence and adventure”. This paper focuses on the contribution of gas flaring in Nigeria to global warming. The data used are secondary data such as the proportion of Climate Change caused by four (4) greenhouse gases, Nigeria natural gas production and disposal, 2003 – 2007 and the percentage of gas utilized and flared in Nigeria from 2003 – 2007. The temperature data used include the annual temperature of Orlu LGA of Imo State, 1998 – 2007,temperature of Umudike,1972 – 2001; while data on the mean decadal temperature for Sokoto, Kano, Yola, Ibadan, Lokoja and Owerri, 1971 – 2010 were calculated from the temperature data obtained from the Nigerian Meteorological Agency, Oshodi, Lagos. Results are presented in tables and discussed. The results reveal a large quantity of gas flaring going on in Nigeria which in turn is contributing to a general rise in temperature across the country. The conclusion focuses on legislative measures to eradicate gas flaring in the country.

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