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International Journal of Science and Technology>> Volume 7, Number 9, September 2017

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Determination of type of Underground Mineral Deposit in Gongola basin, Nigeria, using Gravimetric Technique

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Author Abubakar T, Idowu T. O
On Pages 17-25
Volume No. 4
Issue No. 1
Issue Date January 01, 2014
Publishing Date January 01, 2014
Keywords Gravimetry, Fourier analysis, Kriging, Gongola basin


Determination of type of underground mineral deposit is usually done by drilling several boreholes to extract the underground material in order to know the type. In this research residual gravity anomalies were used in the determination of type of the underground minerals. Residual gravity anomalies measured along profile for 300 stations were used. The data was interpolation at grid points using the method of Kriging which makes it possible for the application of a two dimensional Fourier analysis and Gauss theorem to determine the quantity and excess mass of the mineral deposit respectively. The density of the underground mineral deposit was subsequently computed using the computed excess mass and quantity of the underground mineral deposit. The density was used to identify the possible type of mineral body buried in that area. The results obtained revealed that the possible mineral body buried underground responsible for the gravity anomalies has density of 0.85gcm3 which suggest that, petroleum is suspected to be deposited in that area. The residual gravity anomalies at the area of suspected mineral deposit used for the computation of excess mass and quantity of mineral deposit was analyzed at five percent level of significance and found that the data represent the normal population, that is, the data used was derived from the one used for the investigation. The result of the type of mineral deposit at that area agrees with the result obtained by Shell Nigerian Exploration and Production Company (SNEPCO). The method used in this research is therefore recommended for investigation of type of mineral deposit in area where the gravity data is known.

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