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International Journal of Science and Technology>> Volume 7, Number 9, September 2017

International Journal of Science and Technology

Assessment of Radiation Shielding Properties of Polyester Steel Composite using MCNP5

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Author William Osei-Mensah, John J. Fletcher, Kwaku A. Danso
On Pages 455-461
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 7
Issue Date July, 2012
Publishing Date July, 2012
Keywords Mass attenuation coefficient; Linear attenuation coefficient; Monte carlo code; Narrow beam geometry; Neutron activation.


Human safety and structural material that may be compromised from radiation exposure are vital concerns in nuclear technology. This research discusses the shielding properties of a polyester composite as nuclear shielding material. The linear attenuation coefficient () of composite mixtures comprising of different mass percentages of locally available steel wool particles and polyester resin were investigated using 0.662 MeV gamma ray photon from Cesium-137 source under condition of narrow beam geometry. Calculated values using Monte Carlo code (MCNP5) were used to validate the values of the transmission experiment. The MCNP5 was used to calculate the linear attenuation coefficient of some known radiation shielding materials in literature to validate the code. Attenuation curves of the experimental results are presented along with Monte Carlo simulation results. The Ghana Research Reactor-1 (GHARR-1) was used to determine the elemental constituents of the steel wool, needed for the MCNP5 input file, using neutron activation technique. A mass attenuation coefficient (/?) of 8.2 x 10-3 was determined in ten percent polyester composite (i.e. steel wool mass %). It was concluded that the steel wool polyester composites may be used for both neutrons and gamma rays shielding.

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