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How to Influence Alternative Assets of Undemanding Deposit in the Quantity of Deposits of Non-state Banks

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Author M. Sameti, S.Homayooni, F.Karimzadeh, H.Homayooni
On Pages 12-16
Volume No. 1
Issue No. 1
Issue Date July 01, 2011
Publishing Date July 01, 2011
Keywords Banking network, Economic growth, Inflation variables


Nation's banking network has an important role in aiming country's development goals due to the fact that nowadays banking and money has a sensitive and critical role in economic growth. Gathering and absorbing various kinds of deposits and allocating them to support financial needs are main purpose of the banking. In other words, banks are intermediates between depositors and facilities applicants, and using their resources and peoples' deposits begin to give facilities. In this paper our aim is to survey impact of the inflation variables, GDP, stock index, housing index and interest rate of participation bonds on the amount of the state founded banks invisible deposits in Iran. In addition, for aiming this goal, a model based on Friedman portfolio theory is designed to interconnect cited variables with invisible deposits amount (for the period of ten years from 1373 to 1383). In this paper we used seasonal data. Results of the model estimation show that visible deposit active model moves toward its long term model. Error correction model that identifies relation between deposit amount and independent variables in short term, shows that adjusted coefficient toward equivalency is 36% for these deposits. In fact, annually 36% of the invisible deposits unbalance in a period gets balanced in the next period. 

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