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Combustion, Performance and Emission Analysis of Diesel Engine Fuelled with Methyl Esters of Fish oil

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Author T. Hari prasad, K.Hema Chandra Reddy, M.Muralidhara Rao
On Pages 32-37
Volume No. 1
Issue No. 1
Issue Date July 01, 2011
Publishing Date July 01, 2011
Keywords Bio-diesel, Fish oil, Transesterification, Methyl Esters


The methyl esters of vegetable oils, known as biodiesel are becoming increasingly popular because of their low environmental impact and potential as a green alternative fuel for diesel engine and they would not require significant modification of existing engine hardware. Methyl ester of Fish oil (FME) is derived through transesterification process. Experimental investigations have been carried out to examine properties, performance and emissions of different blends (B00, B20, B40, B60, B80, and B100) of FME comparison to diesel. A Computer assisted Single cylinder constant speed water cooled four stroke direct diesel engine (5 H.P) which is commonly used in the agricultural sector for driving the pumps and small electrical generators is selected for the experimental investigation. The performance, emissions and combustion characteristics are analyzed. The combustion parameters considered for this analysis are cylinder pressure and rate of heat release. The brake thermal efficiency is slightly reduced and hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide and smoke emissions in the exhaust are reduced when fueled with methyl esters compared to diesel. But the NOx emissions are high when fueled with methyl esters compared to diesel. 

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