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International Journal of Science and Technology>> Volume 7, Number 9, September 2017

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Spectrophotometric Determination of Trace Amounts of Fe(III),Mn(III) and Co(III) Ions by using Tetra(4-BromoPhenyl) Porphyrin as a Ligand in DMF Solvent

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Author Jihad A. Taies, Nisreen A-Jassam
On Pages 201-208
Volume No. 3
Issue No. 3
Issue Date March, 2013
Publishing Date March, 2013
Keywords Porphyrin, Ferric, Manganese and Coblat Spectrophotometry.


In this paper, the reaction of meso-tetra (4-Bromophenly)porphyrin with Fe(III),Mn(III)andCo(III) ions have been studied in DMF solvent .The porphyrin was found to be a highly sensitive and selective reagent for direct Spectrophotometric determination of these ions at g level.The soret band of the complexes was found at 416 nm for Fe(III)( = 6.8 x104, 466 nm for Mn(III)( = 1.1x 105 and 418 nm for Co(III) ( = 1.3 x 105 ,which is well separated from that of the reagent at 416nm ( = 2.2 x 105 L.M-1. cm-1), respectively . The complexes formation are slow at room temperature, however , it can be accelerated by heating and completed within 30 min at 100C? except Mn(III) need more than 4 hours refluxing.Four determination of standard solutions containing 0.388 g/5ml, 0.0798 g/5ml and 0.092 g/5ml for Fe(III),Mn(III) and Co(III), gave a relative standard deviation of 0.002% , 0.003% and 0.01%. Beer's law is obeyed in the range of 0.01- 1.1, 0.01-0.1 and 0.01-0.115 g/5ml, Sandell's index were 0.0008, 0.0005and 0.0004 for the absorbance of 0.001 respectively. The molar ratio of complexes are 1:1,the effect of the interferences was studied and reported as well.The samples were taken from west of Iraq region and gave a satisfactory results.

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