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International Journal of Science and Technology>> Volume 7, Number 9, September 2017

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The Effect of Film Thickness and Sintering Temperature on the Electrical Performance of Carbon Electrode

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Author Ozuomba J. O , Okoli L. U, Ekpunobi A. J
On Pages 276-280
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 5
Issue Date May, 2012
Publishing Date May, 2012
Keywords Sintering, carbon, electrical properties, sol-gel.


Four samples of carbon electrode were fabricated by sol-gel process. Two of the samples were fabricated from a carbon paste fabricated from powdered activated carbon (PAC) while the other two were produced from an equal mixture of powdered activated carbon and natural graphite powder (NGP). Electrode deposition was achieved through doctor blading and we were able to vary film thickness through single and multiple layer deposition. Our investigation revealed that the electrodes produced from a mixture of PAC and NGP have low sheet resistance when compared to those fabricated from PAC only, while thicker films have lower sheet resistance. Also, sheet resistance of carbon electrode increases with sintering temperature and a very significant increase was observed after sintering at 4500C

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