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Establishment of Baseline Data for Monitoring of Deformation of Murtala Mohammed Bridge (MMB) Lokoja Kogi State, using GPS

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Author Ono, M.N., Agbo, J.A., Ijioma D.I., and Chubado, M.
On Pages 86-92
Volume No. 4
Issue No. 5
Issue Date May 01, 2014
Publishing Date May 01, 2014
Keywords Baseline data, Deformation, Periodic monitoring, dredging


Deformation is the change in shape, size and/or figure of an object from its normal to an abnormal state as a result of forces acting on, under or near the object. Deformation has been known to occur in areas where previous mining activities and dredging have taken place and areas where large amount of ground water has been withdrawn. This paper is focused on the establishment of baseline data where the periodic monitoring of the Murtala Mohammed Bridge (MMB) can be based as the Niger river dredging project was about to commence. Points were established on and near the bridge and were coordinated from first order triangulation points. The technique of differential GPS was employed in establishing these baseline data. A FORTRAN 77 program was developed for the least squares adjustment principles by Observation Equation method for the adjustment and analysis of the observed points. This resulted in realizing the adjusted rectangular coordinates and their equivalent geodetic coordinates data of the positions to monitor the movement of the bridge due to the effect of the dredging activities and other related factors. It is recommended that geodetic data for monitoring of both natural and man-made structures should as a matter of importance be provided as it helps to get early warning signals of dangers and proffer immediate remedial measures.

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