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Evaluation of a Developed Electrically Operated Knapsack Sprayer

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Author J.O. Awulu, P.Y. Sohotshan
On Pages 769-772
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 11
Issue Date November, 2012
Publishing Date November, 2012
Keywords Evaluation, Developed, Electrically & Knapsack Sprayer


An electrically operated knapsack sprayer of ten (10) liters capacity was developed using locally available materials and its performance evaluated. This device is developed to reduce the constant application of energy to throttle to regulate air pressure a problem in conventional knapsack sprayers. The major components include; tank, 12 volts electric water pump, 12 volts accumulator battery, strap (belt), delivery pipe and a sprayer handle together with lance and nozzle. Electric water pump that bended with the designed parameter was Mercedes Benz wind screen washer pump, powered by 12 volts, 2.5 amperes battery (motorcycle type). Laboratory and field tests were conducted to determine flow rate, application rate and distribution rate. Basic hydraulic principles were considered for determining flow rate, while application rate was determined by effective use of walking speed on field. The results showed that the sprayer has a flow rate of 531ml, application rate of 250 l/ha and a spray distribution area of 0.000675 m2.The result from the laboratory test indicated that decrease in liquid head leads to decrease in flow rate and vice versa. Efficiency of spray decreased with decrease in voltage of battery and application rate is influenced by walking speed. The sprayer is capable of spraying 250 l/ha in 4.17 hrs at a walking speed of 0.7 m/s. This device cannot be operated continuously for more than 2 hrs due to decrease in voltage. It is advisable for extra batteries to be carried along to the farm for large hectare spraying.

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