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Appraisal of the Groundwater Quality in Arochukwu Area, Afikpo Basin, Nigeria

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Author Omoboriowo, A.O.Chiaghanam, O.I. Soronnadi-Ononiwu, G.C. Acra, E.J. Okengwu, K.O. Ugwueze, C U. Yikarebogha, Y. Momta, P.S
On Pages 788-793
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 11
Issue Date November, 2012
Publishing Date November, 2012
Keywords Carbonate, Groundwater, Aftkpo, Quality


Detailed study of the physical and chemical quality analyses of several groundwater samples was carried out in an attempt to assess the potability of groundwater in Arochukwu area. A total of 10 numbers of boreholes were involved in the water sampling for quality analysis. The waters did not have objectionable colour, odour or taste and were not turbid. The pH have mean values of 6.72, this shows acidic and aggressive groundwater in the area. The dominant cations include Ca2+ with mean values of 18.6. The Carbonate, Nitrate and Sulphate dominate the anion. CO3-, NO3-, SO42-, and have mean values of 17.90, 0.049, 6.12, mg/l respectively. The groundwater in the area is generally soft, and free from saltwater intrusion, with low iron constituents .Therefore, the groundwater of the area is generally of acceptable quality for household, industrial and agricultural purpose.

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