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Morbidity Status and Health Care Choice among the Households in Urban Coimbatore

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Author V.L.Lavanya
On Pages 189-195
Volume No. 1
Issue No. 5
Issue Date November 01, 2011
Publishing Date November 01, 2011
Keywords Doserate, Annual Effective Dose, Cancer Risks, Hereditary Effects, Gamma Radiation


Urban areas in developing countries generally show better health indicators and have more health facilities than rural areas. Increasing urbanization and widening inequalities, unmatched by the development of affordable services, could lead to restrictions in access to care and higher propensity to resort to self-treatment among the people and therefore the health of the urban population is as worse as the rural population. Recently morbidity estimates have been used to assess the burden of diseases. Against this background a study is attempted to examine the morbidity status and health care choices of the selected households in urban Coimbatore. Relevant and required data for the present study were collected from primary sources by administering an interview schedule to the selected households. The study found out that by using discriminant analysis the variables namely sex, age, marital status, education and occupation showed significant univariate differences between the groups selected for the study. Age, education and occupation were found to be main determinants of the household’s health care choice which showed their preference for the private hospital in the case of government hospitals education and monthly income are significant. Government should provide cost effective health services like vaccination to the poor and also many health related services such as control of contagious disease.

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