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Implementation of Measurement System Analysis System (MSA):In the Piston Ring Company "Case Study"

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Author Farhad Kooshan
On Pages 749-761
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 10
Issue Date October, 2012
Publishing Date October, 2012
Keywords Measurement System, Repeatability, Reproducibility, Reference Value


In this survey, case study program is evaluated to improve one the Iran khodro company suppliers . And we tried to implement measurement analysis system that is one of the requirements of the automotive companies, leads to powerful increase in product quality and reducing the cost of duplication and external/internal failure and price. In this paper we used a methodology called; MSA along with APQP and designing the test in the form of three inspectors in the final control on one of important characteristics to measure (the AXIAL WIDTH of ring piston), with measurement, instruments capability(variable aspect),and inspector capability (attribute aspect). The MSA action strongly influences the company s general business performance as revealed by the final analysis in the article. In conclusion, the results concerning the first test (GR&R or capability of measuring instrument) was accepted by implementing the required corrective action, And the results for attribute test (inspector capability) and their ability were identified to detect the correct piece, and the inspectors were achieved in organizing arrangements.

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