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Ethnobotanical Survey of the Wild Edible Food Plants Consumption among Local Communities in Kano State, North-Western, Nigeria

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Author H. A. Ibrahim, G. Y.Ali, S. N. Halliru, S. Usaini, I. I. Abdullahi
On Pages 713-717
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 10
Issue Date October, 2012
Publishing Date October, 2012
Keywords Ethnobotanical survey, wild edible plants, local communities, Kano


Ethnobotanical survey was carried out to document the wild edible food plants consumed by local people in ten randomly selected local government areas of Kano state, North-Western Nigeria. Data were gathered through oral interviews with local peoples, farmers and herbalists and their responses were recorded in a prepiloted forms which were later analysed, collated and tabulated to form the scientific, common and local names, families, parts used, preparation (whether eaten raw, boiled or cooked ), and season for collection. Results obtained showed that twenty eight species of plants were cited by the respondents in the area as being gathered from the wild. Ten species of plants were mentioned more frequently than others based on the respondents consensus, these are Adansonia digitata, parkia biglobosa, Leptadenia hastata, Cassia tora, Mangifera indica, Vitalleria paradoxa, Occimum gratissimum, Momordica balsamina and Corchorus olitorus. Majority of the respondents do not have formal education and most of the plants cited here are facing the threats of extinction through agriculture and other deforestation related activities.

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