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A Functional Testing Modeling for Enhanced Software Testing

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Author Jalil Khojasteh , Tawfik Saeed Zeki , Hamid Reza naji , Hamid sanatnama
On Pages 738-741
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 10
Issue Date October, 2012
Publishing Date October, 2012
Keywords software testing, White box Testing, Data flow testing, Path testing


During the recent decays, software is more complicated than before. This means that finding errors in this software is very critical issue. According this, finding errors in complex software is a problem for Software testing team.[7] There are many testing techniques such as: Black and White box testing techniques which are most popular in testing. In this paper, we focus on white box testing, functional testing and merging Path testing and Data flow testing (two techniques of white box testing) to each other. The main objective of this research is designing and developing a model for functional testing and introducing a comprehensive algorithm in order to improve functional testing. A system test is selected and divided to some functions then it testes each function with this technique and generates some test cases. The results are reported based on the following 1.In this model functional testing is done more easily in complex software 2.The number of codes are less than before by using this model 3.If a software is large it is very hard to test all of test cases thus with this model we can find the best test cases and improve finding errors during software testing more easily than before

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