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International Journal of Science and Technology>> Volume 7, Number 9, September 2017

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Electronic Transport in Single Carbon Nanotube Structures

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Author Rashid Nizam, S. Mahdi A. Rizvi, Ameer Azam
On Pages 163-168
Volume No. 1
Issue No. 4
Issue Date October 01, 2011
Publishing Date October 01, 2011
Keywords tight binding approximation, zigzag carbon nanotubes,armchair carbon nanotube, transmission


We have used a simple picture of ten carbon nanotubes p electron based on tight binding approximation to study the transmission variation with increase in diameter. These carbon nanotubes are either semiconductor or metallic based on the number (n, m) indices of carbon nanotubes. It is interested to note that in zigzag (semiconductor) carbon nanotubes if the condition n = 3 * I where I is an integer then, the carbon nanotubes will be metallic otherwise zigzag carbon nanotubes will be semiconducting. It is seen that the total transmission are coming in steps when a subband opens or closes. The magnitude of the change in transmission at these steps represents the subband degeneracy of the band structure. The lines of subbands at the Fermi level are not degenerate and each contributes one channel for transmission. The total number of subbands increases with increasing nanotube diameter as the number of quantum numbers arising from quantization of the electron wavefunction around the nanotube circumference also becomes larger. It is observed that the transmission remain constant at Fermi level in each armchair carbon nanotube irrespective of the diameter. Similarly all zigzag metallic carbon nanotubes also show the same transmission at Fermi level.

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