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International Journal of Science and Technology>> Volume 7, Number 9, September 2017

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Investigation of Energy Choice of Household Use in Mikang LGA of Plateau State, Nigeria

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Volume No. 5
Issue No. 9
Issue Date September 01, 2015
Publishing Date September 01, 2015
Keywords Energy, firewood, charcoal, forest, preference, kerosene


The study assessed household energy utilization in Mikang Local Government Area of Plateau State. Mikang Local Government was purposively selected in Plateau State for the study. Among the 4 Districts in Mikang LGA, 30% of the towns/villages (12) including the District Headquarters were selected by simple random sampling out of the 36 towns/villages. In each of the towns/villages 15 households were randomly selected and 15 copies of questionnaire were administered to each household head to elicit information on sources of energy for domestic use. Data obtained was analyzed with aid of descriptive statistics such as tables, percentages, charts and figures. Results showed that firewood (62.2%) was the highest singled used energy source in the Mikang LGA while electricity and gas (3.3%) respectively was the least. Some respondents combined two energy as firewood and charcoal (57.8%), charcoal and kerosene (20.6%), firewood and kerosene (12.2%) and electricity and kerosene (1.1%). Preference of energy sources indicated that firewood (59.4%) was the most preferred energy source followed by charcoal (21.1%), kerosene (1.7%), electricity (3.9%) and sawdust stove (1.1%). The reasons for energy use were domestic (9.2%), business (6%), domestic and business (3.9%), others (1.7%) and for domestic and other (1.1%). 53.3% of respondents spent between N 600 and N 1,000 on energy per week. Global warming (13.3%), pollution (24.4%), domestic hazards (14.4%), health problems (33.9%) and global warming and pollution (0.6%) were indicated as environmental implications of burning by respondents. Firewood was found to be the most preferred energy source for domestic purposes among the rural households followed by charcoal, kerosene, electricity and sawdust/stove. This therefore calls for aggressive afforestation in Mikang LGA of Plateau state.

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