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Columnar Aerosol Optical Depth and its changes over Kannur, A Coastal Site in South India

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Author Praseed K.M , Nishanth T, Rajan K., Satheesh Kumar M.K
On Pages 658-667
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 9
Issue Date September, 2012
Publishing Date September, 2012
Keywords Atmospheric aerosols, Angstrom parameters, MICROTOPS, Vishu festival, Kannur.


The increase in the aerosol loading over Indian sub continent thanks to the growing population, industrialization and urbanization, has a significant impact on the ambient air quality, local weather and global climate. Thus the potential role of aerosols on the radiative forcing that tunes variation in climate is to be explored with the aid of modeling studies. This work describes analysis of ground based observation of spectral Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) carried out during a period of three years (2009-2012) at a rural coastal location, Kannur (11.9oN, 75.4oE) in South India. This investigation reveals that AODs are influenced by seasonal variations at this site. One of the significant features is that AODs are quite higher in April (~0.401 at 440nm) and relatively low during November-December (~0.208 at 440nm). Thus this observation throws light to the mounting concentrations of particulate matter present in the atmosphere during the co-ordinate fireworks associated with the Vishu festival in the month of April which causes a abrupt rise in AOD which persists for 2-3 days. The analysis of last twelve years MODIS data indicates an increasing trend of AOD over this location which is one of the methods to estimate air quality.

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